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Sing for Your School Finalists Announced

Unfortunately we didn't make the final in the Corn Exchange this year; well done to St Alban's Primary School who were chosen by the judges in our category (schools who wrote music and lyrics themselves).  However, we're really proud of our song!  If you haven't heard it yet (or would like to listen again), click here to visit the Sound Cloud website: we're track number 6!

Please see the Judges’ comments below:

I really like the feel of this piece it is calm, has a happy tone with the performance fitting nicely with the solo piano accompaniment. For the most part the singers are keeping a good rhythm with the piano, next time see if you can increase the impact of the arrangement by having some students do backing vocals or sound effects to help stand out among the other schools providing something really memorable. 

The melodic line for the chorus is my favourite part it’s tranquil and fits perfectly with the descriptive lyrics of the surrounding environment. Good use is made of register with the range of the melody constantly rising and falling in pitch. I particularly like the lyric ‘Spend it My Way’, as it is one thing to list things to do but the idea of using your imagination on what to do in these open spaces is wonderful.

To improve in the future think about different ways to enhance the arrangement such as: dynamic range of the performance, build upon sections like the rap bridge or introduce solo parts and instruments to make your song as unique as possible. Overall this is a really nice well performed song and the school should be proud of it, I feel like I now know more about Wilburton and its open spaces!